Rent Reporter Inc. has partnered with Esusu Financial  Inc. to manage its rent relief program. Esusu is a SOC 2 Type 2 certified service provider, and the company’s privacy policy and contact details are located on their corporate website


Rent Reporter only entrusts applicant data to partners and platforms that have SOC 2 certified security protocols in place.


Rent Reporter does not and will not sell the applicant data in its possession. 

Board and Team Member Code of Conduct

Avoiding Conflicts of Interest

Rent Reporter, Inc. (“Rent Reporter”), its Board, volunteers, and its employees will take every due and proper measure to ensure that there is not and that there shall not appear to be, any conflict between the personal and private interests of volunteers and employees and their responsibility to Rent Reporter, its service users, the general community, and the entity’s funding partners. 


Rent Reporter prohibits the receipt of payment or other consideration from another service provider or government entity for the referral of any applicants or clients to that provider or government entity. 


Rent Reporter prohibits the payment of money or any other consideration to any service provider or government entity for the referral of any applicants or clients to Rent Reporter. 


The employees of Rent Reporter are prohibited from having direct or indirect financial interests in the assets, leases, business transactions or professional services of Rent Reporter.


Rent Reporter will not show favoritism to the Board of Directors, active volunteers, advisory bodies, staff or consultants in applying for or in receiving the services of Rent Reporter. 


Actions that may serve to compromise the integrity of Rent Reporter and its stewardship obligation will not be condoned or allowed.


Rent Reporter’s board members, employees and volunteers will comply with local laws and regulations that apply in the communities in which Rent Reporter operates, and with federal and state taxation and financial reporting laws in the United States. 

Promoting a Safe Workplace

No behaviors that are abusive in any manner to Rent Reporter’s various stakeholders will be allowed. This includes verbal abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse and emotional abuse. 


Rent Reporter personnel occupy a position of trust within the communities they serve, and they shall act at all times to preserve that trust. 


The consumption of recreational drugs and alcohol on work premises, and during work hours, is strictly prohibited.

Safeguarding of Assets and Resources

Rent Reporter board members, employees and volunteers will:

  • Maintain complete and accurate accounting records;

  • Protect the organization’s confidential information;

  • Protect the organization’s intellectual property;

  • Not use the organization’s owned or leased assets for personal use;

  • Not use the organization’s cash or credit facilities for personal use;

  • Not use the organization’s financial resources to procure excessive gifts, meals or entertainment.